What is RingCL

Service Overview


RingCL is a platform providing service for the business who need the versatile communication based on IP. It is a BaaS(Backend as a Service) that you can implement the mobile service only with API calls without setting up service.

Benefits of the service

Excellent Call Quality

As RingCL is using P2P(Peer to Peer) technology for the data communication, not the server-based communication with switched network, you can use the service smoothly even though there exist a huge number of users and provide clearer call quality since we are using the optimized codecs based on the status of the network.

Low cost

Are you worrying about the cost for setting the call service? With RingCL, you will only pay as you go without worrying about the system set-up and maintenance.

Stable and Safe Service

For the high-level of security, AES (the international standard encryption algorithm) and ARIA protocol are used and SRTP(Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) is applied to support the safe and confidential communication. In 3G environment, the optimized packets are transmitted for the high quality of calls. Like this, RngCL enables the stable service regardless of the network environment.

How to use the service

4 steps of how to use the RingCL service start RingCL service now