API concepts

Excellent Call Quality

As RignCL is usitn P2P(peer to Peer) technology for the data communication, not the server-based communication with swithched network, you can use the service...

Low cost

Are you worrying about the cost fot setting the call service? With RingCL, you will only pay as you go without worrying about the system set-up and maintenance

Stable and safe service

For the high-level of security, AES(the international standard encryption algorithm) and ARIA protocol are used and SRTP(Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) is applied to...


libRingClient. a is a static library for iOS that enables the implementation of RingCl service easily on iPhone Apps. There are API Server and Call Server as the back-end of RingCL service and Apps can use RingCl service by communicating with these servers. Apps use a proprietary protocol to communicate with API server and SIP protocol is used between Call Server and Apps. Developers has no need to know the complexity of back-end servers, as RingClient uses some simple Methods to operate with RingCl service.

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How to use the service

four steps of how to use the service get started now